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Medium Workgroup Printers

HP DesignJet Z9+dr 44" PostScript

HP DesignJet Z9+ 24" & 44" PostScript

HP DesignJet Z9<sup>+</sup>dr 44" PostScript and HP DesignJet Z9<sup>+</sup> 24" & 44" PostScript and

Retail Prices

  • : $6,995

    (to see our unadvertised price)

  • HP DesignJet Z9+ 44" PostScript: $4,995

    (to see our unadvertised price)

  • HP DesignJet Z9+ 24" PostScript: $3,900

    (to see our unadvertised price)

Product Brochure


  • Outstanding IQ quality with better transitions shadow and highlight details.
  • Up to 25% faster print speed and faster processing.
  • Simple and secure with self-encrypted HD, HP Secure Boot, Whitelisting, fleet management with Jet Advantage and Security Manager compatibility.
  • Ease of one-click printing using HP Click printing software.
  • Easy to use with translucid, roll cover and more robust stand and legs.
  • Up to 30% lower costs for end users (PHA + Inks + HW).
  • 9 ink colors upgradable with Gloss Enhancer.
  • Z9+DR Vertical Trimmer with Double Roll