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MEI is an HP Authorized Support Partner for DesignJet printers. With over 30 years of experience, MEI is the leading HP DesignJet Printer repair center located in the Montgomery County, MD providing customer-site repairs in the DC Metro Area. Our certified technicians can perform warranty and non-warranty repairs and maintenance on your printers. We stock HP OEM parts to provide quick service to keep your printers operational.

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The HP DesignJet error code displayed on your large format (wide format) printer — e.g. 79:04; 86:01 — does not always provide an exact indication of the problem or issue. You (the user) will often be unable to diagnose or fully resolve the DesignJet fault yourself — even with the error code information provided here. You can do the first step for most repairs, reboot, turn off the printer from the power switch, unplug printer, wait for a minute, plug in, turn printer back on. Also look for physical obstructions, like a paper jam, paperclip and remove any obstacles in the carriage path. Check network cables if communication issues. Note any error codes and call MEI, your HP Authorized DesignJet service center, for help.

Don't see your model? Need help? Need parts? Contact MEI, your HP Authorized DesignJet repair partner.

HP DesignJet error codes are not an exact science. They exist to help the engineer diagnose key areas for assessment and can often indicate one or more parts have failed. This is where it pays to engage an HP Authorized DesignJet repair technician so that you receive the fastest and most cost-effective fix. Based upon the reported fault, a trained and qualified HP DesignJet technician will usually work through a predefined set of tests and apply many years of working knowledge to affect the fastest repair — choosing those parts first which he knows will usually resolve the fault rather than systematically working through the manual.

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For customers who want peace of mind when it comes to their large format printers, we offer service agreements, maintenance contracts and extended warranties, as well as supplies for one convenient monthly fee.

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