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Designjet Error Codes

Model T2300

Designjet Error Codes
ModelError CodeProblem DescriptionCorrective Action Options
T2300 01.0:YZ Communicaion with Engine PCA Failed Turn off/on. Remove Formatter & Reinsert, Replace Engine PCA, Replace Formatter
T2300 01.1:YZ Error in the Engine PCA Turn off/on. Remove Formatter & Reinsert, Replace Engine PCA, Replace Formatter
T2300 01.2:YZ Failure Communicating with an Ink Supply Turn off/on. Perform Ink Delivery system Diagnostic test, Install ink Cartridges one by one, check cables replace if needed , replace left ink supply station, replace Engine PCA
T2300 02.1:YZ Problem with Carriage PCA Turn off/on. Check Trailing Cable connection, Replace Carriage PCA, Replace Trailing cable & PCA Covers, Replace Engine PCA
T2300 03:YZ Problem with Power Suppy Unit Turn off/on from switch and power cord, Replace Power Supply
T2300 03.0:10 Batter of Real Time clock ran down Replace Battery
T2300 06:YZ Failure reading/writing NVM in Hard Disk Turn off/on, Replace Hard Disk
T2300 7:10 Interconnect Board or Power Cable has failed Check power Cable, repalce if needed, replace the Interconnect Board
T2300 07.01:11 DelSol3 ASIC not found or not responding Check the condition and connections of the Interconnect data and power cable, replace if needed
T2300 07.02:11 USB Cable not connected Check the condition and connections of the USB cable, replace if necessary.
T2300 07.03:10 USB Hub not found Check Cable Connections to Input Hub,JUSB2, Engine PCA. Repalce Interconnect PCA, Formatter Board or Engine PCA
T2300 07.03:11 USB Scanner connected to incorrect port Ensure that the USB cable from the Scanner to the Interconnect board is connected at the connection labeled 'SCANNER' and not 'HOST CON'
T2300 8:04 Touch Control Panel communication failure during use Turn off/on. Upgrade the Firmware
T2300 8:08 TouchControl Panel will not function Turn off/on. Upgrade the Firmware
T2300 8:11 No Communication to Touch Control Panel Check Product Log for other system error, turn on/off, Check USB cable, Replace Touch Control Panel
T2300 8:01:11 Touch Control Panel USB Cable Fails Check USB cable, replace Touch Control Panel
T2300 9:01 Media Jam in Scanner Open the CIS to solve media jam, close again. If no paper seen run Scanner Motor Diagnostics
T2300 9:02 Scanner not Calibrated Calibrate Scanner
T2300 9:03 File I/O Error Reboot
T2300 9:04 Contex Library Failed to load Reboot the Product, Upgrade the firmware
T2300 09.01:10 Scanner Motor is failing Perform the Scanner motor diagnostics, replace the scanner Motor
T2300 09.02:10 CIS A Element is failing Replace CIS A Element
T2300 09.03:10 CIS B Element is failing Replace CIS B Element
T2300 09.05:10 CIS C Element is failing Repalce CIS C Element
T2300 09.06:10 CIS E Element is failing Replace CIS E Element
T2300 09.08:11 Power Cable of scanner is failing Check connection, replace cable if needed
T2300 09.09:11 USB Cable of Scanner is failing Check the Condiditon and connections of scanner USB cable, repalce as needed
T2300 09.10:10 Scanner SCU is failing Replace the Scanner SCU
T2300 11:YZ Trailing Cable does not seem detected Turn off/on. Check trailing cable for damage, replace cable, Replace Carriage PCA, Replace Engine PCA
T2300 21:YZ Failure moving Service Station Turn off/on, check primer tubes, check service station path, check cutter activation. The cutter is on the left side of the carriage.
T2300 21.1:YZ Failure moving the Primer Motor of the Service Station Turn off/on. Check for clear path, perform Primer Motor Diagnostics test , replace service station
T2300 22.0:YZ Left Ink Supply Station error, module 0. Turn off/on,check ink supply station and engine PCA cables.Perform Ink Delivery System Diagnostic test, Replace Left Ink Supply Staion, Repalce Engine PCA
T2300 22.1:YZ Left Ink Supply Station error, module 1 Turn off/on, check ink supply station and engine PCA cables.Check the Data Harness and ISS Harness. Perform Ink Delivery System Diagnostic test, Replace Left Ink Supply Staion, Replace Engine PCA
T2300 24:YZ Ink Setup failure Turn off/on, perform ink delivery system diagnostics test, purge ink supply tubes, install new cartridge, replace ink supply tubes.
T2300 26:01:00 Ink Supply error in IDS Diagnostic test Reseat Faulty Ink supply and repeat ink delivery system diagnostic test, replace faulty ink supply, replace left ink supply station
T2300 39.1:01 Roll 1 Switch Failed, Roll 1 unloaded no correction action, inform user that roll was unloaded
T2300 39.2:01 Roll 2 switch fialed, toll 2 has been unloaded no correction action, inform user that roll was unloaded
T2300 41:YZ Electrical Fault or current limit in Media-Axix Motor Turn off/on. Open scnner and check for visible obstacles. Perform paper drive diagnostic and rewinder diagnostic test, Check Media Advance drive cable, Repalce media advance, replace Engine PCA
T2300 42:YZ Electrical problem in Scan-Axix Motor Turn off/on. Open scanner for visible obstacles. Check Scan-Axis Motor cale, replace Scan-axis Motor, Replace Engine PCA
T2300 45.1:YZ An error with the Rewinder 1 System n detected Turn off/on. Check Rewinder cable1, check Right Roll support, run Rewinder diagnostic test, replace upper right roll support
T2300 45.2:YZ Error with the rewinder 2 system Turn off/onf, check rewinder 2 cable, check lower right roll support, perform diagnostic test, replace Lower Right roll support
T2300 47:YZ Starwheels motor errir Turn off/on. Open scanner and check for obstacles, check starwheel assembly cable, perform scan axis starwheel diagnostic, replace starwheel motor, replace engine PCA
T2300 48:YZ PPS system failure Turn off/on. Check that the Pen to Paper Space (PPS) Solenoid cable, Perform the Scan Axis PRS diagnostic test, Replace the Pen to Paper Space (PPS) Solenoid, Reoakce Engine PCA
T2300 51:YZ Scanner Position Sensor failure Check that the Scanner Position Sensor cable, perform sensors test, replace scanner position scanner
T2300 52:10:00 Failure in the Drop Detector Turn off/onf, check the drop detector test, repalce the drop detector, replace the Engine PCA
T2300 55:YZ Problem with Line Sensor EEPROM Turn off/on. Perform carriage Test, check Line Sensor connection to PCA, replace line sensor, replace the carriage PCA
T2300 56:YZ Drive Roller analog encoder homing failed Turn off/on. Perform media path test, replace encoder disk and encoder sensor, replace engine PCA
T2300 59.1:09 Two electrical parts repalced at the same time Replace one part at a time, and restart the product before replacing another.
T2300 59.2:00 Unsupported or reused part installed Install only new parts recommended by HP for this product.
T2300 60.1:YZ Initialization error Turn off/on, check power cord, switch off, remove the formatter, reinsert formatter, witch power on, get product Log see HP Tech support
T2300 60.2:YZ Initialization error Turn off/on, check power cord, switch off, remove the formatter, reinsert formatter, witch power on, get product Log see HP Tech support
T2300 61:YZ File format not supported Check printer speicifications to see if file format supported on this printer, resend file, check graphics language setting, update firmware,
T2300 01:04.1 Post Script fonts seemm to be missing Perform firmware upgrade
T2300 01:08.1 File is password protected, can not print Resend file without password protection
T2300 63:01:00 Cannot retrieve IP address Connect to another network, Modify the IPv4 cofiguration
T2300 63:YZ input/output problem through ntwork interface on formatter Turn off/on. Check network cable connected to formatter, check firmware, repalce the Formatter.
T2300 64:YZ Input/Output problem through USB port Turn off/on, check USB cable, check firmware, update as needed, replace Formatter
T2300 64.1:YZ Esternal HD accessory not connected Turn off/on. Power on again wile pressing MENU,OK and Cancel simultaneously, when system promts press OK twice, test with other USB, repalce formatter board
T2300 65:YZ memory Driver internal I/O error, I/O socket MI I/O error Turn off/on. Check unknown port cable, check for latest firmware, replace Formatter, replace Engine PCA
T2300 68:YZ Loss of engine counter tracking The product will continue to function correctly, but the life counters will not continue counting until you restart the product.
T2300 71:03:00 Out of Memory Restart
T2300 71:04:00 Out of memory The total memory available in the product depends on its configuration. Upgrade the firmware, decrease the print resolution to 300 dpi, see HP Authorized tech for more information
T2300 72.02:09 Generic firmware Error Turn off/on. Update firmware to latest version,
T2300 72.02:YZ Perform Serivce calibration At the Touch Control Panel, select the Internal Prints icon, then Service information > Print calibration status.Perform whichever calibration is needed.
T2300 74:YZ Error uploading firmware update file Turn off/on. Check connection to computer, try update again.
T2300 74.1:YZ Error uploading paper profile Turn off/on. Check computer connection. Try uploading again. Make sure paper profile update file is compatible with firmware version of product.
T2300 74.08:04 Problem with the firmware upgrade process Reboot, try again, download from HP as file may be corrupt, repalce the Touch Control Panel
T2300 75.21:YZ the Spitoons have reached 80% capacity Use Preventive Maintenance Kit #2 to replace the Left Spittoon and Service Station.
T2300 75.22:YZ The spittons are full Use Preventive Maintenance Kit #2 to replace the Left Spittoon and Service Station.
T2300 76:YZ Hard disk drive is full Remove any unnecessary files from the hard disk using the Embedded Web Server. If the problem persists, run the Hard Disk Recovery Utility
T2300 78:08:00 The job received cannot be printed without borders Use a paper that supports borderless printing.
T2300 78.1:YZ Media settings area missing in the paper settings file Turn off/on, check for latest firmware
T2300 79:YZ Generic firmware Error Turn off/on. Check for latest firmware update
T2300 81:01:00 Paper axix error the copier will restart and run a diagnostic test
T2300 81:YZ Consistent 81:YZ Errors structural damage inspect Platen fingers and rollers, check for gap on platen beam, check connections. Replace Media Advance Drive
T2300 86:01:00 Scan axis error copier will restart and run a diagnostic test
T2300 86:11:00 Scan Axis movement requires too much force or energy. Check that cutter disengages, lubricate scan axis, install Preventative Maintenance Kit 1
T2300 87:YZ Problem with the Carriage Encoder Sensor readings check connection to Carriage PCA, visually inspect encoder for damage, Replace if needed. Clean encoder sensor, replace encoder sensor, repalce Carriage PCA
T2300 87:01:00 Problem finding the Scan-axis encoder reading Clean the encoder sensor, replace the encoder sensor
T2300 93:YZ Unable to pressurize the Ink Delivery System Turn on/off. Perform the Ink Delivery System diagnostic,Check that the cables,Replace the Left Ink Supply Station,Replace the Engine PCA.